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World Rugby League

Welcome to World Rugby League!

World Rugby League, or the WRL, is a free to play rugby league coaching simulation. Players must create their own fictional rugby league franchise and build a squad capable of challenging for success. The game has been developed to allow players to build clubs from the bottom up and features reserve grade teams to allow coaches to nurtue the next generation of rugby league stars.

The WRL is different to the majority of rugby league coaching games available on the internet, with less focus on posting rambling training schedules and endless press releases success within the WRL ultimately depends on your ability to develop your squad and choose the right team and tactics come match day.

We are currently looking to add several new franchises to the WRL ranks as we prepare for our first season. You can find out more by visiting our Community Portal by clicking the link below:

Community Portal

Current Line Up

The following clubs have already signed up to the 2007 WRL season:

The following clubs will be competing in the 2007 WRLDA season:

The following representative teams also feature in the WRL:

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